THE FIRST NUDIE MUSICAL (1976)–Directed by Mark Haggard and Bruce Kimmel. Stars Bruce Kimmel, Cindy Williams, Diana Canova, Stephen Nathan. SOUTH PARK fans would probably love this funny yet surprisingly sweet parody of both Busby Berkeley-type musicals and porno films. Just don’t be distracted by the cardboard sets, clunky direction and miniscule budget. Harry Schechter (Nathan), who runs his father’s Poverty Row movie studio, is threatened with bankruptcy if he can’t produce a low-budget X-rated musical comedy in just two weeks.

To make an impossible task even more difficult, Harry is forced to hire as his director John Smithee (Kimmel, who wrote the screenplay and songs as well), a naive bumbler who is also the nephew of one of Harry’s investors. Williams, who began her starring role on LAVERNE & SHIRLEY that same year, is wonderful as Harry’s sarcastic but loyal secretary Rosie, who’s always quick with a quip or even a tapdance. The songs are great–I’d put them on the same level as THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW–and you haven’t truly lived until you’ve seen the Dancing Dildos. Movie is loaded with full frontal nudity, profanity and sexual content, yet it isn’t the least bit offensive. Paramount had no idea whatsoever how to release this film; as a result, it was a box-office flop.

Also with Leslie Ackerman, Alan Abelew, Rene J. Hall and Alexandra Morgan. Ron Howard has an unbilled cameo. Williams and Kimmel later reteamed for THE CREATURE WASN’T NICE aka SPACESHIP, an AIRPLANE!-like spoof of outer-space movies co-starring Leslie Nielsen. Nathan went on to produce TV series like EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND and FAMILY LAW. Kimmel contributed the story to Robert Rodriguez’s THE FACULTY, and runs the Varese Sarabande record label.