If you actually haven’t heard of it, Herschell Gordon Lewis Gore- Classic “Blood Feast” was banned in Germany in January 2004 by a court in Karlsruhe “Germany”. Herschell Gordon Lewis’ movie was declared of being guilty of “Gewaltverherrlichung” – promoting violence – and is now not allowed to be sold anymore here in Germany.
We German horror- fans often have to deal with that problem since the period of the great wave of bannings had started in the 80ies and famous titles like “Evil Dead”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “the Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Dead Alive (aka Braindead)” had been forbidden for almost 20 years now.

Some German fans have founded a group called “Medialog” ( http://www.medialog-ev.de ) to show our protest against German censorship. We also informed Mr. Lewis about the “Blood Feast” ban by a fax- message and after a short time we received a mail with these words to his German fans:

“I am distressed to learn that a court in Karlsruhe has banned “Blood Feast” some forty years after the film’s release.
This intrusion into the ability of individuals to decide what they choose to watch is unacceptable in any civilised society. It is especially nonsensical to impose such a restriction so many years after the film has been seen and enjoyed by tens of thousands of individuals.

As many filmographies attest, “Blood Feast” has a historical position in the history of motion pictures. I urge all concerned citizens to make every possible legal move to oppose and overturn this unwarranted constraint.
Herschell Gordon Lewis”

These days we have started a petition online ( http://www.medialog-ev.de/html/petitions.html ) to set a sign against censorship and we hope to get as much fans as possible to show their frustration about this act of misunderstoodment of a great and historical important movie.

Although this case is not concerning you directly I think this news also could be interesting for you.

Pierre Kretschmer

PS.: Sorry for my bad English

Blood Feast banned in Germany