Top 5 unforgettable cyber bullying stories ever

Amanda Brooke, 16, was just trying to get drunk with some friends. Instead Amanda was taken advantage of and later humiliated.

“I can’t take it anymore, I’m jumping.”

Instead of boarding the school bus as usual, she walked nearly a mile to an abandoned cement plant.

There were a few different ledges at the plant from which 16-year-old Amanda Brooke, of Lakeland, Fla., could have jumped. One ledge reached up about 19 feet; another, about 24 feet; a third offered a 60-foot plunge to the ground.

When Amanda found herself in a situation of underage drinking, she knew what she was doing was wrong. During the drinking festivities she became unconscious which is when the trouble began.

During her blackout, Amanda was then raped by the teens she was drinking with. All the teens knew each other, which was the more shocking matter; they even all went to the same high school.
Classmates gone wrong, am I right?

During the rape the teens took photos of Amanda and posted them to the Internet. For eight days after the event Amanda lived in terror, shame and fear until she finally decided suicide was the way to escape. Her parents had no idea what had happened until Amanda was already dead.

In the end, the ledge she may have chosen does not matter. Amanda had certainly jumped to her death, chased to that abandoned lot by a vicious, relentless cloud of cyber bullying that led her to end her own life.

On the morning of the suicide, she had texted two friends: “I wanted to say bye … for, like, ever.”

Alex Mark, 13, struggled with speech, language and motor skills development, that later on led him to be an easy target.

Alex had the magic ability to bring a smile to anyone that looked his way.

Alex was accused of being gay. Alex started talking to a girl on AIM for all of summer. When school started up again, Alex decided to talk to the girl face-to-face.

It all spiraled down from there.

In front of her friends she told him he was just a loser and that she did not want anything to do with him. She said she was only joking around with him on-line.
He found out that her friends and her thought it would be funny to make him think she liked him and to get him to share a lot of personal, embarrassing stuff. She then copied and pasted their private IM exchanges into ones with her friends.

It’s one thing to be bullied and humiliated in front of a few kids. It’s one thing to feel rejection and have your heart crushed by a girl.

Struggling to establish his place in the often confusing and difficult social world of middle school, Alex took his own life.

Megan Sumpter,13, he was 16, he added her on MySpace and he was cute, no, he was hot!

Megan stood apart from many of her peers because she had struggled with weight issues and ADD aggravated compulsiveness.

Her last year at middle school she had lost some weight and through MySpace, she had met a new boy, Josh that really seemed to like her.

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